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Kickstart your career by tapping into over 30 years corporate experience of hiring young professionals and over 25 years of helping overseas born students start their careers in Australia.

We have 2 great offerings to help get you on the right track:

We will UPGRADE YOUR CV by ensuring you hit all the key points for the roles you're applying for and highlighting all your key strengths through:


  • Personalised consultation

  • Individually crafted CVs

  • Grammatical and structural improvements

  • A winning CV designed to gain the attention of employers


You also get to tap into our expertise with interviews, featuring a 1:1 consultation with a corporate CEO with extensive INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE, on navigating the interview andhow to make a positive impression to win the role.

The Interview Experience Consultation includes:

  • Interview preparation Q&A

  • Role plays and FAQs

  • How to Dress for Success

  • The importance of body language and how to make sure you nail it

“Dave has a unique ability to make you feel in control of the tools available to make you stand out as a candidate. From your resume to digital footprint, he's got you covered. Dave's advice is tailored to highlight your transferable skills, so you can land your next job"

Mark F., Kickstarter Success Story

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