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Course Selection and Application

Our goal is to help you with identifying the best course and/or pathway to help you achieve your career goals.  This includes deciding which city to choose, which institution, as well as all the support you need to ensure your application gets through with no worries.

University Partnerships

We have agreements through to the top universities and colleges in Australia so you can always proceed safe in the knowledge The NoBull Team will get you where you want to.  This extends through to High Schools, TAFE and private institutions.  Whatever your needs, we’ve got you.

Visa Support

Once you’ve completed your course selection and have received your offer (eCOE), our Team will help you with your visa application, making sure you’re completely across all your requirements.

Sports Club Connections

Whether you’re looking for a rugby or netball team, a waterpolo club or swim squad, we can connect you to the one that will help nurture your skills through your course.  Regardless of what State you choose.


Ongoing Support

Our support for you continues throughout your course.  Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

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The Application Process

1. Choosing Your City

It starts with where you’d like to go? Bustling city? Regional centre? The hustle and bustle of Sydney or the rural beauty of Hobart?We make sure you understand the pros and cons of each option to find the right one for YOU.


2. Course Selection and Eligibility

We help you understand what course you’d like to undertake and make sure you meet all eligibility requirements associated with this.Where necessary, we’ll help guide you through articulation programs to navigate what can sometimes be a tricky path.


3. Application

Once you’ve chosen your course, we help make sure your application meets all the requirements and help lodge this for you.We do all follow up on your behalf and make sure you’re across all developments.


4. Visas and Medicals

Once you receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE), we help you with your visa application, ensuring you have all the requisite documents and checks.


5. Pre-Departure Briefing

Before leaving home we make sure you’re fully equipped with knowing what to pack, how to navigate your Australian destination and providing you with all the key information you need to get your Aussie adventure off to a great start.


6. On Ground Support

We remain available even after you’re here in Australia for ongoing support and advice. This ranges from connections to sports clubs, pastoral support and anything else you need.


7. Post-Study Options

Once you’ve completed your study, we help with whatever you need, from shipping belongings back home or, if you’re eligible, helping you with visa advice to stay in Australia.We also help with job searches, CV prep and interview prep.

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