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About Us

Who we are

Our Directors have over 30 years of combined experience in international education and migration and utilise their unique skillsets to add value to individuals and organisations.  We are passionate about the Australian education sector and helping individuals achieve their Australian dreams, whether that is through studying or migrating to this great country.


With in-depth knowledge of the migration landscape with our Registered Migration Agent team, particularly in relation to assisting employers and skilled migrants, we offer an end-to-end solution encompassing recruitment, training and migration to help you upscale your business (or self).


Our experience in the education sector is both as international students and administrators.  As licensed QEAC counsellors, we provide the best possible counsel and advice around course selection, application and settling into the country.


As a former Singapore representative in rugby and waterpolo, our co-Founder David Phua is particularly passionate about helping student athletes continue their sporting journey while studying and we also help connect you with the clubs to boost your experience.


To be the partner of choice for individuals and businesses looking to establish themselves in Australia.


To make it easy for individuals and businesses to experience Australia through outstanding advice, assistance and support.


We Are Customer First.
We put our customers’ needs first and make the time to understand them.  We always deal openly and honestly with them.  We do the best by them. Always.

We Are No Bullshit. No Dickheads.
We call it like it is.  We treat our clients and candidates the way we want to be treated and don’t accept bs nor give it.  We work with like-minded businesses and individuals and don’t accept dickheads.

We Embrace Progress Over Perfection.
We chase the 1%ers and make improvements every day.  We accept that mistakes will happen and work to minimise them.  We fix issues and ensure they don’t recur. We recognise that it’s an ongoing journey and we never stop getting better.

We Are Relentless.
We don’t settle and always push harder.  We ride through storms and we don’t accept second rate.  We do our absolute best for our customers.

We Are a Team.
We work as a team for the benefit of the team and not for individual glory.  The common goal outweighs individual aspirations.  Team before self.

We Control the Controllables.
We focus on what we can control and do everything we can within that to be successful.  We accept that not everything will work as we want it to and we adapt where possible.  We stay the course and don’t get discouraged by external factors. 

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